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How Much is my Car Worth?

How much is my trade worth? What is the highest trade in value?  Where can I get the most money for my trade? These are very relevant questions when it comes time to find the best trade in value.

When it's time to buy a new car, you also have to take into consideration which dealership is going to pay you the most for your trade! Times like this can be very stressful. At Bidonmytrade.com, we’ve made it as simple as possible.

Trade in values, even for vehicles of the exact same, year, make, model and color can vary tremendously, especially if your car was in an accident which may have been reported to an insurance company and subsequently to a vehicle history reporting company. Or, perhaps, you drove a few more miles than average (or less!). There are many factors that can go into a used car trade in value. No two used cars are exactly alike.

So if you are looking for a stress free, easy way to get the maximum used car value in your area, or you simply want to sell your car outright, you’ve come to the right website. Simply click the Green "Start Now" Button to get started.


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BidOnMyTrade.com has been developed to help car buyers avoid all the frustration of driving from one dealership to another simply to get your car appraised. At this stage of the new car shopping process, we understand that you already have done your homework. You know precisely which new vehicle you would like to have sitting in your driveway. In fact, you already know the best price, too. (The invoices are all over the internet) So now it just boils down to which dealership is going to offer you the most money for your trade; right?  Some dealers may pay more than others for your trade... for a multitude of reasons. One reason may be that they already have two of the same vehicles on their used car lot; right now. Others may not. The reasons are endless….

Please keep in mind that even if a dealership offers you more money for your trade than the next one, but the dealership who offers you the most for your trade does not have the exact vehicle color or equipment combination you desire on their lot… they, in most cases, can simply call another dealership with that exact vehicle and easily perform a “Dealer Trade”. So, don’t worry. In most cases you get the highest trade value AND the precise vehicle in which you desire.